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Almost a month has passed since the iOS 9.1 was released for iPhones and iPads and the users were able to download it from iTunes or over the air. There aren’t many major differences between iOS 9 and iOS 9.1, or at least the visual changes are hard to notice, but there are still some things that this version has to offer, you’ll enjoy using the middle finger emoji or take Live Photos even if your device doesn’t support 3D Touch.

New Emoji

Among the new emoji characters added to iOS 9.1 are the middle finger, a unicorn head, a lion, a burrito, a taco, new sports, gambling options and many other faces with different skin tone options. However, if you’ll send these emojis to a person who hasn’t installed iOS 9.1, he/she will see only odd blocks.

Performance Improvements

There are a few iOS 9.1 users who complained that their devices had some lags, but overall, the rest of iPhones have a better performance, however, it varies from one model to another, depending in which year it was released.

Live Photos Sharing

You don’t have to own the latest iPhone 6S or 6S Plus in order to see a Live Photo, if you upgrade to iOS 9.1 and someone shares a Live Photo to your phone or tablet, you’ll long press on the photo in the Photos application and you’ll be able to see it. Also, in short time we’ll see Live Photos supported by applications such as Facebook, as Apple added the option for developers to support Live Photos in their applications.

New Wallpapers

This isn’t a very big addition, but in case you’ve had enough of your old wallpaper, then you can change it with one of the new images of three planets, which you’ll find in Settings -> Wallpapers -> Stills.

News Applications For The Users In The UK And Australia

Good news for the users who live in these two countries. There are signs pointing out that there is an application similar to Flipboard which will be available in the UK and Australia, and its name is News, the users who will install iOS 9.1, will have access to the News app, which was initially available in the USA.

Special iOS 9.1 Features For iPad Pro

While the iOS 9 came with split screen features for one of the tablets, iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro which will be updated to iOS 9.1 will receive “optimized versions of Split-Screen apps, Picture-in-Picture video playback, Notification Center, and Siri.” This change is expected to show up this month.

Bug Fixes

iOS 9.1 improved stability for Search, Safari, Photos, Music and CarPlay; the performance while multitasking; there was a glitch which was causing Calendar to become unresponsive in Month view; another glitch was preventing Game Center from launching; a glitch was zooming the content of some apps etc.