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Clash of Clans is one of the most played strategy games on mobile devices, there are many players who are just starting to play this awesome game and today we’re going to help them with a few tips and tricks.

Don’t Waste The Gems!

Don’t was the gems on building instant structures and, instead, keep them in order to purchase the Builder’s Huts, which is a structure that comes with a builder that you can use to make upgrades on your buildings or to create new buildings.

Keep in mind that the first Builder’s Hut you will get for free but of the rest you will need to pay as follows:

– Second Builder’s Hut: 250 Gems
– Third Builder’s Hut: 500
– Fourth Builder’s Hut: 1000 Gems
– Fifth Builder’s Hut: 2000 Gems.

At the same time, using gems you can boost the training of troops or even buy a shield that will protect your village from attacks for a period of time, gems can be harvested from rocks, trees, but you can also get some by completing achievements.

Village Layout

It is very important to have a good village layout, especially if you will want to get in a higher League. There are players who choose to place storages (such as gold, elixir or dark elixir) in the center of the base, so they can protect them against invaders. At the same time, near them you should place the Town Hall and hope that the attackers will not reach these structures.

There are many base designs all over the internet, but you’ll choose them depending on what you want to protect (resources or trophies).

Upgrading Mines And Collectors

The best way to gain resources is by raiding other villages. However, while you are offline, the gold mines and elixir/dark elixir collectors can gather resources, at low levels, the gold mines and elixir/dark elixir collectors will not gather too many resources, but keep upgrading them and they will pay off eventually.


The Shield is protecting your village from getting attacked. However, as soon as you attack another player, the shield will be removed, no matter if there are still a few hours until it will actually expire.


After you rebuild the Clan Castle, you will be able to join a Clan. The clan can have up to 50 players and you can share troops, attend clan wars and chat with them in-game. If you win a clan war with your Clan, you will earn a good amount of resources.