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Well, as you already know, a new update is being prepared for the Clash of Clans game. During the ClashCon, Supercell has showed us a little of the upcoming features that the next major update will come with (such as Town Hall level 11 and others).

It seems that there will be some changes made to the Shield which includes the new “Village Guard” concept. There will be changes made in the Multiplayer Matchmaking, High Level Trophy calculations, League Bonuses, Personal Break and Session Timers.

According to Supercell, all these changes had to be made in order to improve the way everyone plays Clash of Clans. This statement was most likely made to answer to all the complaints that a lot of players have made.

The developers also mentioned that they know that the update is taking longer to get released, but they want to make sure that all the upcoming changes are tested and well balanced before they are released to the live servers. They’ve also mentioned that a two week sneak peek schedule will start from November 23, 2015, so that everyone will get an idea of what’s about to come on their favorite game.

Planned Topics For The Upcoming Two-Week Sneak Peak

– Shields (part1): Attacking and Defending;
– Shields (part2): Personal Breaks and The Village Guard;
– League Bonuses, Trophy Offers and Matchmaking;
– Town Hall News (including the new defense building and the new hero).

It seems that Supercell understood that they need to listen to the players’ feedback and they are now allowing them to see what’s about to come before it gets to the live servers. We’re sure that there will be many disappointed players, but whether you like it or not, you will need to adapt to this upcoming update or else you will be left behind.

What are your thoughts about the major update that the Clash of Clans will receive?