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Facebook, the globe’s leading social networking site, is set to make your chatting life via its standalone Messenger app a lot easier than before.

Facebook users can now easily chat with strangers using this messaging platform as long as they have the name of this person. According to a statement released by David Marcus, who is the VP of Facebook’s messaging products, the social media site will be launching a new feature known as Message Requests via Facebook Messenger. Using this new feature, the users will now be able to receive or choose to ignore messages that come from people who they are not friends with on the platform.

In the past, if someone who is not your friend sent you a message, it was relegated to the “Other Folder” and it could only be accessed via the website version. These messages were very easy to miss since they did not show up in the notifications even if the message is new. Facebook users were given the option to pay $1 in order to bypass this “Other Folder” section.

Message Requests feature to roll out over the next few days

Now that the Message Requests feature will be coming to Facebook Messenger, this problem will be no more as the company is trying to streamline how these messages are handled.

Rather than send these messages coming from unknown contacts to “Other” folder, the new update will see these messages appear in the Messenger chat app as a message request. Once it is in there, the users have the liberty to choose between receiving the message and ignoring it.

In his statement, Marcus adds that the Facebook users only need a name in order to talk to any person in the world. This feature will only work in case you receive a message from someone whom you are not friends with on the social network. Messages coming from people you already established contact with will still be directed to the normal inbox.

According to the Facebook messaging products’ VP, the new Message Requests feature is simply a foundational change, but there is a lot to come in the near future, especially from the Messenger team. They will keep improving the ways in which you can find and locate the people that you want to talk to.

Even though this new addition may seem kind of invasive as opposed to the old method where strangers’ messages were simply separated from known contacts’ messages, it makes everything easier when it comes to communicating with people that are not on your friends list. In short, you don’t have to add someone to your list of Facebook friends in order to chat with him or her.