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Windows 10 was released this summer, but its first major update came a few days ago and as normal, it brought some changes and new features. While some of them are visible, others are hidden and you must discover them. But if you haven’t discovered them yet, we’ll tell you about several features which you might find interesting.

Automatic Time Zones

When you install Windows, it sets automatic time for years. However, previously, when traveling abroad, you needed to manually change the time zone, but thanks to Windows 10’s latest update, you will longer need to worry about setting time zones, because this feature is enabled by default. If you haven’t installed the latest Windows 10 update, to activate the “set time zone automatically” option, you will go to Settings > Time & Language.

Find My Device

Find My Phone is a very useful feature which people need when their devices are stolen or misplaced. However, Microsoft made it possible for the owners of a laptop or PC to find the location of these devices. Instead of installing third party applications which offer this functionality, the users need a Microsoft Account and sign in from a device running on Windows 10, so they can find the location of their laptop/PC. The feature can be enabled by going to Settings > Update & Security > Find my Device.

Casting Media To Device

Windows 10 already supports DLNA and Miracast streaming, but the latest update added a new feature to the Microsoft Edge browser – “cast media to device”, which will allow you to send photos, video, and audio to compatible devices, just like you’d do it with Google’s Chromecast feature.

New Skype Applications

Skype is now integrated into Windows 10, but the new update will automatically install applications such as Skype Video and Messaging, Phone, which can be found in the app list or using Cortana.

Sync Passwords In Microsoft Edge

Until now, the Microsoft Edge browser didn’t support password, favorites, and reading list sync, but thanks to the new update, this option can be enabled in Settings.