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WhatsApp has 800 million users that are actively enjoying the latter IM app, and now with WhatsApp’s latest update, Android fans can back up all of their conversations to Google Drive. If you have all sorts of important multimedia files or chats you wish to save, you can do so with the use of Google Drive backup feature.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of Google Drive backup, users must create a Google Account on their smarphones. The Google Play service must also be set up, but be warned as the latter is accessible to devices running Android 2.3.4 +, make sure you have plenty of space on Google Drive, so that you can store all of your WhatsApp chats, videos, files etc.

It’s pretty much a relief to know that if you do decide to change your smartphone all of your WhatsApp conversations will be safe and sound due to the Google Drive backup option, as soon as you perform the update, you will see the Google Drive prompt show up in chat backup. For some users, this new option will definitely come in handy. However, if for some reason you wish to stop using the Google Drive backup feature, you need to know that you can do so at any moment.

If you discover that WhatsApp has been linked to a wrong account or that you require more storage space on Google Drive, the procedure of separating WhatsApp from Google Drive will come in handy and it is very simple to use.

How to separate WhatsApp from Google Drive:

  • Start the web browser and hook up to Google Drive;
  • Tap on the Cog symbol, choose Settings;
  • Head on to Manage Apps and look for WhatsApp Messenger;
  • Tap on Options  and then Disconnect from Drive;
  • The final step is to click done.