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Nowadays, smartphone owners who are spending a lot of time on the internet are chatting with their loved ones using different applications. Some are choosing to install a certain application because it offers more features, while others are convinced by their friends to add them to their list of contacts. We’ve decided to compare two big names, Viber and WeChat and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about their features.


Viber can be installed on Apple devices running on at least iOS 4.3, or on devices running on Android OS 2.0, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry OS5 and OS7, Nokia S-40 or S-60. In addition, the application is supported by laptops and computers (Windows or Mac OS 10.7 and above), via Viber Desktop.

WeChat supports a variety of platforms as well: iOS 4.3 and above, Android OS 2.0, Blackberry OS 5.0, Windows Phone and there’s a web feature which allows the users to log into their accounts from their computers. All they need to do is to scan the QR code from the official website using their phone’s camera.


On Viber, you can call your friends via 3G or while connected to a WiFi network. In addition, the application allows you to send messages containing text, photos, videos and even location data. Even the Desktop users can make voice calls to their friends who are using a computer, in order to log into your account from a PC, first you need to install the application on your smartphone. In your conversations, you can use custom emoticons and stickers, and you have more friends, you can create group chats and invite up to 39 members.

On WeChat you are able to make video calls and the application has a cool feature called Live Chat, which allows you to communicate with your friends like you’d do with a walkie talkie. Another feature called Look Around will look for friends in your proximity and when shaking the device, you’ll have the chance to talk to random users, in order to initiate a group chat, you’ll send QR codes to up to 40 friends.

Backup Options

If you don’t want to lose your conversations, both applications allow you to perform back ups. Viber will save each conversation into a .CSV file, then the conversations will be zipped and sent to an email address. Unfortunately, audio and video clips aren’t supported, so you’ll need to save them separately.

WeChat has also a backup option, allowing you to save the entire conversation history to the application’s server, for seven days. But, in order to perform the backup, you will need to set a password, which you’ll enter when you’ll log into another smartphone, so you’ll be able to restore your messages.