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WhatsApp has become the most popular application, being used by over 900 million people from all parts of the world. The newbies spend a lot of time in order to familiarize with this application, exploring all its features, instead of reading more about them. We recommend you to take a look at some of the tricks and tips you can use to make your experience more exciting.

Who Are The Contacts You’re Communicating With The Most

If you want to know who are the persons from your list with which you are chatting more often, then you will need to go to Settings, where you’ll tap on Account and you’ll select Storage Usage. You will see the total amount of WhatsApp messages sent at the top of the page and by selecting the Size tab, you will find out who sent you more messages. Last time, this trick worked on the iOS version.

Archiving Chats

If you want to hide a conversation from the Chats screen, Archive Chat is the feature which will do that for you. Instead of deleting or backing up chats to the SD card, this option will simply organize them, no matter if they’re from individual contacts or groups. It’s very simple to archive chats, as you’ll need to go to Settings and scroll down until you find the Archive All Chats option. Also, there’s the option to clear all chats.

Backing Up Chats

If you buy a new phone, but you don’t want to lose your old conversations, there’s the possibility to transfer the chat history, after it’s backed up on the internal storage or on the cloud. Those who have an Android device will go to Menu>Settings>Chat Settings>Backup conversations, then to insert the microSd card into the new device. The iPhone owners will go to Settings> Chat Settings> Chat Backup> turn on Auto Backup to iCloud. After installing WhatsApp on the other device, the users will restore their chats.

Muting Group Notifications

It’s very annoying to hear alerts when receiving new notifications from the group you’re in. It’s better to mute notifications and on an iPhone, this can be done by opening the group chat, then tapping on the subject to bring the Group Info screen, and then you’ll tap Mute. Notifications can be muter for a time period or permanently on Android, as well, by opening the chat, tapping the Menu button, then on Mute.