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According to PEGI, the European ratings board, the Minecraft: Wii U Edition has been certified for release. The game has received the “7” rating, like all other console versions of Minecraft.

PEGI is also warning the users that the game contains non-realistic looking violence towards fantasy characters and that the pictures or sounds that the game comes with might be scary to young children.

We remind you that the Minecraft game has been released on other portable formats such as: Minecraft: Pocket Edition for smartphones, but also for the PlayStation Vita. However, until now, there were no signs confirming that the Minecraft will be released for Nintendo’s WiiU.

Currently, there is no information if there will be any differences between the Minecraft: Wii U and the versions that are found on PlayStation Vita or on smartphones, but one thing is sure: the Wii U’s gamepad and stylus could offer the builders some nice options while creating the world in this awesome game.

According to Wired, they’ve contacted the Nintendo UK and asked them about the Wii U release of Minecraft, but the spokesperson was unable to comment. We remind you that the platform holder hosted its first Nintendo Direct broadcast since the former CEO Satoru Iwata has passed, but unfortunately, they’ve not announced anything about Minecraft.

With other words, the Minecraft: Wii U version is not confirmed, but we’re sure that the guys from Nintendo will come with some news regarding this in the upcoming days. We’re not sure if the Minecraft game will be released for Wii U before the end of 2015, but as soon as we find anything we will let you know!

Do you think that Minecraft will be released for Wii U before the end of 2015? Will you purchase the Minecraft game if it will be released for the Wii U device?

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