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If you have an Android tablet or smartphone that doesn’t have the Google Play store set-up or if you merely wish to set up the newest version of the latter, you will find this guide helpful.

Users will be able to come across a vast array of great buys when it comes to Android devices, some more popular (LG, Samsung) than others. But, if you’re limited to a certain budget and you want to purchase less popular tablets or handsets, you should know that such devices do not normally come with the Google Pay store set-up. Even if there is some sort of store available, apps like Gmail or Facebook are not included. So what can be done? The answer is simple: Google Play Store can be set-up by hand, the steps we’ve listed below are also available if you wish to set up the newest version available for the Play Store, so without any further ado, here is what you need to do.

  • Go to Settings;
  • Click the Security prompt and scroll down to Unknown Sources;
  • Enable the on knob and after you should receive a notification informing you of the perils of setting up applications outside Google Play, take this warning into serious consideration and always choose the most credible sites;
  • APKMirror is a trusted website as its apps are always safe to install, use the latter site to look for the newest Google Play Store (version 5.10.29 being the newest one out there);
  • The file you’ve downloaded should pop up in the notifications menu (top side of your device) as well as in the Download folder (see app drawer);
  • Simply tap on the downloaded file in whichever location you wish and set-it up;

Note: It is important to set up the Google Play store version that agrees with the Android firmware version that your device is running on.