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Marshmallow, the latest Android version which came loaded on Google’s new Nexuses, brought many features, focusing less on redesigning the Material Design. If you haven’t bought any of the Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P devices because you already have a phone which is planned to get the Marshmallow update in short time, then you should get an idea about what features it brings.

Android Pay

The Nexus 5X and 6P are Google’s first smartphones with a fingerprint scanner, but there are already plenty manufacturers who equipped their devices with a fingerprint reader. For example, Samsung has added a fingerprint scanner on its Galaxy S5, but it was used only for locking or unlocking the device. This year, the button received a new function, supporting mobile payments via Samsung Pay. Apple has a similar service on its iPhones and iPads and it was Google’s turn to introduce its own payment system – Android Pay. So, every smartphone with a NFC chip can be used to make purchases in stores and the owners need to hold the device to the credit card terminal, then to follow some instructions. Until now, there are 700,000 stores, including Walgreens, in the US, which work with Android Pay.

Now on Tap

Google Now is the intelligent assistant which provides information related to the weather, sports scores or traffic conditions etc., it learns about your habits and throws up information in the form of cards, whenever it thinks it’s the case. In Marshmallow we have Now On Tap, a feature which will study your screen and will pull up information, offering your relevant suggestions. So, if you’re reading a mail from a friend who invites to you to see a movie, Now on Tap will give you links to the movie’s IMDB page or a YouTube link to view the trailer.


This power saver will conserve the juice of your phone’s battery, which will send your device to hibernation after a period of inactivity. In addition, the phones which come with a USB Type-C port support fast charging.

App Permissions

In the past, when the users were installing an application, it had access to every part of the phone without asking permission. The users were a bit worried that the developers of those applications might use the information from their phones (ex. location) in their own interest, so they asked Google to add the option which would allow them to approve a request or not.

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