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A new WhatsApp BETA version for BlackBerry 10 devices has been released and it can now be downloaded from the official BlackBerry Beta Zone. The WhatsApp is the latest BETA version of this awesome application for BlackBerry 10.

The new update comes some new emojis along with emoji picker categories, but keep in mind that not all of them will be displayed on all platforms. These new emojis will probably be seen only by the WhatsApp users that own BlackBerry OS or Nokia S40 devices (some other operating systems may apply too).

The new WhatsApp also comes with a fix that that the users of BlackBerry 10 had. It is related to the issue that was causing the application to close while a media transfer was underway, causing the media transfer to fail. In addition, the new WhatsApp comes with bug fixes and other improvements in performance.

We remind you that one of the latest features that WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 has received is Voice Calling, this feature allows you to make Voice Calls all over the world without having to worry about any additional costs, even if the other person lives in another country. However, keep in mind that the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature is only available for the devices that run on BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

WhatsApp How To Install On Your Smartphone That Runs On BlackBerry 10

In order to install the latest WhatsApp BETA version for your device that runs on BlackBerry 10 OS, you will need to sign up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Once you successfully register, you will need to accept the agreements and only after that you will be allowed to download and install the WhatsApp BETA version on your device.

Have you tested out the latest WhatsApp BETA version on your BlackBerry 10 device?