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A brief on what Viber is and its current features

Let’s take a quick overview of what Viber is, its generation and services it offers before introducing the latest version. Launched five years ago, Viber is a messaging application. Similar applications include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Line, Telegram, Twitter, WeChat, Snapchat, and the list is long. Presently the application has a figure approximated around 250 million as its active customers. However, the app claims to have a user base of over 600 million users worldwide. Viber account is registered with a phone number. You can also sign into a Viber account from a computer, but first you must install the app on a mobile phone.

It offers features like sending photos, videos, audio recordings and text messages. However, it also has a voice calling service that, unfortunately, is currently available for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone only. It was generated and is compatible with various operating systems that include but not limited to: BlackBerry, Series 40, Symbian, Bada, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. So the app virtually gives a comprehensive platform of usage.

Viber has been of more importance for overseas businesses transaction and communication. The app eradicates the expensive and roaming charges when communicating abroad. You are good to go provided your data connection is on. The application extends its services to calling non-Viber users-landline and mobile numbers- at nominal charges using Viber Out service.

Viber latest version

Among the messaging app providers, Viber’s developers are the most dormant when it comes to upgrading or adding a couple of features to their app. The most recent update was launched a month ago since then they’ve remained calm. Nonetheless, the software engineers have come up with something new. Version is the latest version from the I.T experts.

The new version requires a free space of at least 36.48 MB on user’s mobile phone. The app can be downloaded from Viber’s official web page, from Google Play Store for Android users, iTunes App Store for iOS users and Windows Store for those using Microsoft-based handsets. Alternatively, you can grab the app from any other trusted third party web sites. Remember to turn on Unknown Sources option on Application settings on your phone when downloading from third party websites.

The latest version features

Group Likes is a feature that allows users to like friends’ vibes. There is also a new ability to support text messages up to 7,000 characters; an upgrade on the video messaging experience; Public Chats feature has now been extended to Android tablets; forwarding Public Chats messages has also been added, which enables users to exchange content with less strain.