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Many iPhone users prefer using the older versions of iOS. This is simply because they think that iOS 9 has many different operations as compared to iOS 7 or iOS 8. This is not very true as iOS 9 has the same functionality, but with different interface (to some extent).

You may find iOS 9 a little intimidating, but it’s not as difficult as you’re thinking. To quit running apps that aren’t needed looks a bit difficult for new users of iOS 9. But here’s the fix you can try to overcome this illusion.

Basically, the interface of iOS 9 is a little different from the older versions, but it is not very different from them.

Quitting or Force quitting in iOS 9 is very simple and that’s what we’ll be talking about in this post. By this technique, you can exit either of one app or multiple apps (if you want to). Just follow the steps and get rid of that app(s).

Quitting Apps in iOS 9 on iPad, iPod touch or iPhone:

To do this, you first need to access the ‘App Switcher’. Just double-click the ‘Home’ button on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad whatsoever.

  • Upon accessing the App Switcher, you need to hold on the App Preview appearing on your screen.
  • After waiting for 5 to 10 seconds, you need to swipe up the App Preview with your thumb. Swiping that app will close it!
  • If you want to exit more apps then you need to follow the same process. Just choose the app and swipe it up to close.

P.S.: You don’t always need to swipe that app upwards. I mean, you can also swipe left, right or downwards whatever feels right.

After completing this task, you may close the App Switcher and continue your activity.

So this is how you can exit any app in iOS 9 which is very simple.

Exiting apps in iOS is not always required but sometimes it is essential to close unwanted apps for certain reasons.

Exiting an app in iOS 9 may also help you to troubleshoot any app that is not working properly. And now you know how to quit an app in iOS 9 which is very familiar to the older versions of iOS. Just follow the above mentioned procedure to quit one or as many apps as you want if needed.