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Many Apple users have updated their devices to iOS 9.1 in order to enjoy the new features that this version has brought, but it is a matter of time until iOS 9.2 (stable) will be released.

Recently, Apple has released a new iOS 9.2 Beta 3, which is available for anyone who’s registered to the Apple Developer or Public Beta program. It’s not sure yet what changes the iOS 9.2 BETA 3 version comes with, but below we’ve listed a few features that we should expect on the final version:

Arabic Support For Siri

Apple recently opened a few stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and this is the reason why they’ve added the Arabic language support for Siri.

NumberSync Service (AT&T)

NumberSync Service will allow the users to connect all AT&T devices to a user’s main number, with other words, all the incoming calls and text messages could be directed to your tablet or any other device that’s connected to AT&T.

Improved Swipe Gestures On Safari

If you’ve had issues navigating with the Safari browser, then you should know that iOS 9.2 makes the navigation and swipe smoother and faster, you can also use multiple swipes on quick succession.

3D Touch Effects

The 3D Touch feature for iPhone has been greatly improved, it seems that the developers found a way to fix all the problems that this feature came with. It seems that the problem was related to the pixel count differences between devices.

Improved Viewer Control On Safari

The viewer control in Safari has been improved and it is now allowing third party application extensions to support a pop-up safari window, with other words, you will have better and smoother management when browsing with Safari.

If you want to test out the iOS 9.2 Beta 3 on your iDevice, head to Apple’s website and sign up for its Public Beta program.