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iOS 9.1 is the latest update released by Apple on October 21, and it brought many improvements and additions, but there were also some problems with the Touch ID and the battery life on some iPhones. But, in this article we’ll focus on the positive changes in iOS 9 and we’ll teach you what else you can do to understand how this new software works.

Setting A New Wallpaper

iOS 9.1 comes with new wallpapers of planets such as Jupiter, Mars and Neptune, and it has an image of a desert. No matter which one you like, in order to set a new wallpaper to your lock screen or home screen, you must go to Settings>Wallpaper>Choose New Wallpaper.

Taking Live Photos

Live Photos is a new feature which was introduced on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and with it, the users can capture a video of 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after taking a photo. This feature has been updated and now it doesn’t start recording when it “senses” that the phone is “moving”. To take a live photo using the Camera app is very simple, as you will just need to tap the Live Photo button which is located in the top center and after toggling it on (yellow), tap on the shutter button to start recording.

Using the New Emoji

iOS 9.1 has brought a bunch of new emoji characters for the keyboard, representing fruits (avocado), food (taco), animals (lion, unicorn) and even the middle finger. In order to use any of these characters, you will tap in a field, then on the Smiley face icon and select whatever emoji you want to insert in your message. Also, in order to add the emoji keyboard you will need to go to Settings>General>Keyboards>Keyboards> Add New Keyboard. You’ll find the Emoji keyboard after the Dutch keyboard.

Hiding Photos From Moments, Collections and Years

If you have nosy friends and you don’t want them to see your photos from your main library, you can hide them by selecting the photos you want to keep private, then by tapping the Share button then selecting the Hide button.

Setting Up Apple News

Be up to date with the latest news, following your favorite sources which provide over a million topics. You will select what kind of topics and news sources you want to read, then the News application will show a menu bar which will run along the bottom of every screen (For You, Favourties, Explore, Search and Saved).