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The most frustrating moment is when you can’t access an application when you most need it. I mean, you may have seen the message stating ‘ is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete and download it again from the App Store.’

This is not it, people also see another frustrating message that goes like ‘ Sign in to use this application on this computer.’ Who likes to see ‘Error Messages’ all of the sudden? No one! But you don’t need to worry if you’re upset about these errors and looking for a possible solutions. The good news is, they can be fixed and the other good news is that we have it covered.

Why These Errors Appear in Mac OS X?

Before we go for solution, let’s understand why these errors appear and ruin your day (or night whatsoever). Basically, all apps or softwares require some certification within that digital device to work properly. And when these certificates expire, the app behaves differently or sometimes stop working that cause these errors to appear.

Whenever a certificate expires, the DRM starts to mess up with apps and makes trouble in your app usage. But this is not any big issue as it can be resolved easily.

Fixing ‘Damaged Apps in Mac OS X’:

This error is quite common for Mac users and appears mostly in older versions of Mac OS X. Solving it and recovering your app is not very difficult. Just follow the process and fix it!

  • First of all, you need to reboot the Mac if this error appears. (Most probably, this will fix  the error and you won’t require any additional steps to fix this.)
  • But if the above mentioned solution doesn’t work then try this one. Delete the damaged app and launch Mac App Store. Then download this app again and it will probably start working the way you want it to be.
  • After going through any of the said steps, make sure your app is working fine again.

Fixing ‘Sign-in error in Mac OS X’:

This error also appears due to the older version of Mac OS X. And here’s the fix for it!

  • If this error appears, you need to close the dialog box and reboot your Mac instead of signing in.
  • Then after restarting the Mac, you need to log into your Apple ID in Mac App Store.
  • This will re-authenticate your Apple ID in Mac App Store and will fix this error.
  • Your app will probably be working in normal order again by now.

Killing A Process (For Advanced Users):

If you’re more like a techie guy then you may opt for an advanced (and technical) solution for these errors. Basically, when we use an app then there are two ‘storeaccountd’ processes that run in background. The first one runs as ‘User’ where the other process runs as ‘Root.’ If you want to solve the issue with this approach, then you may refer to this link

If you don’t see these errors, you’re lucky, but if you do, then you know what to do right? So these were few solutions by which you can fix these errors.

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