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To make cooperation and work life much easier and interesting for iOS and Android systems’ client base, the Google Drive app has been spiced up with some new features.

Google is working round the clock to have most of its features, and products kept up to date; this is according to Alex Vogenthaler, a Product Manager at the Google Company. In a post, Vogenthaler details the features and promises that other products are just on the way coming.

Google Drive app just got better

iOS and Android clients will be able to share notifications suing the new version of Google Drive. When a user shares folders or files with other individuals, there would be a notification on the recipient’s end to show new files. With a tap on the notification, it automatically leads one to the new content shared, enabling the users to have easy access to files rather than going through the long process of searching for an email address to access the files.

With just a tap, users will be able to ask for permission to gain access to files. This is currently available for Android users only, but no reports have indicated when this product will be available on iOS though both the two operating systems app versions will notify the owners of the files when another user seeks to access the information. This definitely will eliminate the long and procedural activity of having to log on to the website to access shared files or folders. The files will be shared and accessed directly from the Google Drive app.

The upgrade of the Google Drive application also comes in with another feature that enables users to preview files shared without the need for opening up a Google account. Though, Google requires that clients link their Android phones to their own Google accounts that can either be created or even use existing accounts, during the initial setup of the device maybe after purchase or even after resetting the phone.

This, therefore, makes it easier for most Android users, but for other users who feel that getting so much involved with the Google sign ups is quite hectic; this file previews feature that comes along with the updated Google Drive app will help you avoid overindulgence with Google. This seems to be quite helpful for iOS users too, but there is no mention of when this functionality will be possible on Google Drive for iOS.

This updated version of Google Drive can be downloaded from the App Store and as well as the Play Store.