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If you are an avid user of the latest technology, you probably have lots of files already stored on Dropbox.

However, not all of the stored files are that relevant to you at a particular time.

It is, for this reason, Dropbox will be adding a new and rather small feature to its web client with an aim of making things a lot easier and faster when it comes to finding files that you have been working on in the recent past.

The new Recent section is a shortcut to the most relevant files that you need at the very moment, for instance, recently added, moved or edited docs. Initially, this feature was made available to iOS users; however, Dropbox has decided to bring to its web platform, with Android users to get it in the coming days.

Of course, it was still possible to sort files within a folder based on their date. However, it was still hectic when it came to finding files that have been stored in different folders within the application.

Since Dropbox stores everything in the cloud, you will be able to see all of your recent files via connected mobile devices as well. For instance, if you have just edited a document via your desktop’s service, the changes will show up in the smartphone and tablet apps as well.

Recently debuted in May this year, but as noted earlier, it was only availed on iOS devices. Later on, it was integrated into iOS 9’s Spotlight search. In a statement on its blog, Dropbox notes that this change has increased the speed at which users find their files.

“When Recent premiered back in May, we noticed that users had good times finding the files they needed in a much faster way,” the statement read.

This is simply because they don’t need to click through folders whenever they want to pull up a recent file. In fact, there is even no need of remembering the name of the folder the file was saved to as everything will be available via the Recent section.

With this view, it will be much easier to continue working on files you left off on another device. For instance, if you leave your office when you aren’t quite done with a presentation, you can save it to Dropbox via your PC, and when you get on the bus heading home, it will be available in the Recents page via your tablet and in this way, you can go on with your work and finish it in time.