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It’s not a secret that Adobe’s Flash Player is full of vulnerabilities and many hackers took advantage of them in order to spy important people. Critical vulnerabilities have been identified also in Windows, Internet Explorer and Skype and Microsoft had to release many patches to fix the issues.

Microsoft is dealing with many critical flaws which can be exploited by hackers who are able to break into users’ systems and steal their data. Recently, the company had to release 12 patches, many fixing critical flaws in IE, while a patch named MS15-113 has fixed some bugs in Edge, which is the new browser in Windows 10. It seems that there were found seven flaws in Microsoft Office as well, and they have been fixed thanks to the new patch.

The users are advised to install any available .NET updates and the latest version of Flash Player software which comes with fixes for 17 vulnerabilities. Adobe has assured the users that all issues have been addressed, but the software might have some hidden exploits that the developers might not know about. Therefore, the users should be very cautious and they should think twice before enabling Flash in the browser.

According to Recorded Future, during this year, Adobe Flash Player had eight of the top 10 vulnerabilities which have been used by exploit kits (crimeware packages running on websites which take advantage of the vulnerabilities in order to execute malicious codes). The users who “forgot” to update their browser plugins were exposed to malware and in most of the cases, victims were those who weren’t up to date with the latest Flash patches.

If you’re using Chrome and you’ve installed Flash, to disable it you will type in chrome://plugins and select Disable for every Flash Player from the list. Also, in Windows, the software can be removed from the Add/Remove Programs panel or by using Adobe’s uninstaller for Flash Player.

We must inform you that Adobe has released version for Windows and Mac, so if you still trust this software, we suggest you to install this update immediately.