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Lately, things have been quite slow in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, but in the end, WhatsApp has uploaded a new beta version with a small change log. This version must be rigorously tested before being released as stable, but it’s good to know that it brings performance improvements and lots of bug fixes.

According to the change log, this new beta version of WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 comes with updated set of emoji and emoji picker categories, and it was fixed an issue which was causing the media transfer to fail when closing the application during media transfer. In order to test out this version, you will need to download the Beta Zone application, open it and see what version of WhatsApp is available for download. However, since this is a beta version, it may come with other bugs, which will be fixed until the stable version will be released.

And since we’ve mentioned the stable version, we remind you that you can download the latest 2.11.2355 version, which introduced WhatsApp Web, a feature which allows you to log into your account from your computer. The Android users were the first ones to test this new feature, which required them to scan a QR code on, using their phone’s camera, in order to login.

The previous stable version 2.11.1638 brought the option to add captions to images and videos, the option to archive chats in Settings — Media Settings and it came with better support for large font sizes.

WhatsApp has, officially, over 900 million active users, but a large percent is represented by the Android users, who are spoiled with new features ahead of the users who installed the application on their devices running on a different platform. Luckily, BlackBerry 10 was among the first platforms that received the Voice Calling feature and since April, the developers have continuously worked on improving it and fixed the lags, random crashes and high data usage.