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Google has released new versions of its Google Play Store for the mobile devices running on minimum Android 2.3+, and for the devices running on Android TV. There are no change logs for Google Play Store 5.12.10 and 5.10.31-leanback, but we’re assuming that they contain bug fixes and performance improvements. Also, the version for Android TV should fix some downloads issues found on the previous 5.10.30-leanback.

Google Play is the app store for Android, where the users will find applications and games developed with Android SDK, but in addition, they can download/purchase music, TV shows, books, magazines etc. However, some of these services are not available in all countries, but in the best case, they will roll out sooner or later.

Every now and then, Google updates the application which comes preinstalled on most of the Android mobile devices and the users need to create a Google account in order to have access to the store’s content.

The latest version for smartphones and tablets running on Android brings two changes: Family sharing and gifting and the option to add NFC-enabled credit cards, but there are many other features that have been added before, and when the users want to install applications, the Play Store will ask the PackageManagerService to install them. All applications which have been installed from the Play store can be set to auto-update over WiFi, or using your phone’s data connection, but we don’t recommend the second option, because some applications have large installation files.

Regarding the version 5.10.31-leanback for Android TV, it comes only with repairs for the downloads points. The previous version was rich in changes, such as the removal of the Update all button’ the video content was sent to a new home page, but not to Games or My Apps pages; and the color scheme, spacing and typography have been revamped.

The Google Play Store 5.12.10 has 15.15MB in size, while the Google Play Store for Android TV 5.10.31-leanback has 17.91MB in size.