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There are still Apple devices running on iOS 7 because their owners are refusing to install a newer version. Anyway, iOS 7 has been jailbroken long time ago and new tweaks are added every once in a while, so if you’re undecided what else to install on your iPhone, check out our list of suggestions, Cydia is the best place from where you can download various useful tweaks.

Predictive Keyboard

This feature is very useful in Android, because it’s able to predict words while you’re typing out on the keyboard, saving you time. Apple has introduced QuickType in iOS 8, which does this and after a while, it learns your typing habits and knows what words you are using the most, so it predicts them when you’re starting to type. iOS 7 needed this feature, so there’s a special tweak which is called PredictiveKeyboard and has the same functionality.


You’ve probably heard of Android’s “OK, Google” feature, which allows you to use your voice and make searches. iOS 8 has “Hey, Siri”, which includes an entirely hands-free mode, but to activate this feature in iOS 7 using your voice, you will need to install “OkSiri”. This way, you will no longer need to press and hold down on the Home button and thanks to Activator, the voice recognition will be always on and will be enabled using a keyword, which is simple – “Ok Siri”.


This tweak costs $0.99 and its role is to colorize different parts of the OS, such as the keyboard, Control Center, Notification Center, spotlight search and other sections.


Do you like the effect of an old TV turning off? SleepFX is the tweak which will bring this effect to your device running on iOS 7, but we must warn you that it’s not free, as it costs $4.99, however, it’s worth the money and you’ll love the way your screen is turned off.


This tweak, which costs $0.99, will unlock hidden information for songs – the album artist, when a song was released and last played, its duration etc.

Animated Weather Enabler

If you own an iPhone 4, then with this tweak you’ll have weather animations for the weather application, which are disabled by default on this device.