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When playing a game like Clash of Clans it is crucial that you keep an eye out on your loot and trophies. In order to do this, you need to have a solid base, if you do not work on strengthening your base, attackers can quickly get a hold of your loot, resources and so on.

Main “attractions” for attackers

  • Town Hall will be first major focal point for your enemies. You have two options here: add it outside or inside the walls. If your trophies are the main target, Town Hall should be placed inside the walls (add it centrally), but when playing in farming mode the Town Hall should be placed outside the walls (add it in a corner). Your storage resources will be left behind as the attackers will focus on the trophies.
  • Clan Castle – this one permits you to include even more protection if you recur to clan troops (you have to be part of a clan of course). The middle of your base seems like the perfect spot to place the Clan Castle.
  • Storages are also important that is why you must ensure full protection for the latter. The dark elixir storage must be guarded at all times this being your most prized possession. So, try and add in at the center the base, as for the rest of the storages, add them within the walls. It would help to scatter them all over the base and don’t have them all bundled up in the same place.

Defenses and how to use them

Mortars are fun to use if you’re targeting various enemies or have more than one goal in mind due to their extremely wide spectrum of attack, we recommend adding the mortars deeper in your base.

Concealed Tesla buildings are great for using again troops, especially if you wish to unleash a sneak attack. It is advisable to add your tesla within a stone’s throw of the storage buildings if you have enable farming mode while if you’re playing in trophy mode you could strategically place them near TH.

Of course there are other great defenses you can use such as the heroes, traps, the Archer tower and last but not least the walls.

When it comes to walls, you could opt for a single layer as this is meant to keep the troops from gaining access to the most important parts of your base. It’s basically a defensive fence. However if you use segregated types of walls, you could construct various cubicles which could store one or more buildings. This would make it harder for the troops to advance and as time ticks away you can activate all of your defenses.