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If you’ve recently installed Viber and don’t want to waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to use this application to its full potential, read this article in which we’ll give you a list of tips and tricks that will help you out.

Use Viber On Two Devices

The awesome thing about the new version of Viber is that it allows you to use two devices in the same time – your smartphone and computer. This is possible by installing the application on the second device and when you’ll see a code appearing on the first device, you will need to enter it on the other device and you’ll connect to your account.

Customize The Background

After a while, you’ll get bored of the background of your conversations and you will want to replace it. The application allows this and it offers a variety of backgrounds, but it also gives you the option to add a photo from your gallery. To change the background, go to Settings -> Default background.

Enable Smart Notifications

When someone sends you a message, everytime he/she writes another line, you will continue to receive notifications, which can be quite annoying. Instead of being notified for every single message sent by the same person, you can Smart Notifications, a feature which will combine all those messages and will notify you one time. To turn on Smart Notifications, head to the chat room that interests you and swipe to the left, then tap on Smart Notifications.

Turn Off The “Light Screen”

This feature drains your battery, so it’s better to turn it off. Therefore, you must go to Navicon -> Settings -> Notifications -> and disable Light screen.

Easily Switch Between Conversations

When you’re talking to multiple people in the same time, it’s hard to keep up with everyone, especially if you’re using a smartphone, because you’ll need to change between chat rooms. This can be easily done without going to the app’s main page, but by entering a chat room of a previous conversation and swiping to the right side of the screen. You’ll see all active chat rooms and you’ll tap on the friend or group chat name that interests you.

Wifi Sleep Policy

WiFi is active all the time, by default, but this feature will also consume your battery pretty fast. If you want to, you can enable the “Sleep Policy” by going to Navicon -> Settings -> General -> WiFi sleep policy, where you will choose whatever settings you want.


With feature, you will be able to send messages by pressing the microphone button, which is located in the right side of the conversation. So, tap on the button and you’ll see the Hold & Talk mode appearing. If your friend has this feature on, he/she will receive your messages immediately, and will reply to you in real time.