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A few days ago, Twitter announced that it will be ditching its favorite button in favor of a new Likes icon that is represented by a red heart icon.

While there were some who were a bit critical about this new addition to the company citing the good the favorite button has done to the application when it comes to acknowledging the contribution of others, it seems the move has already started paying back.

During the Open Mobile Summit that was held in San Francisco, Kevin Weil, Twitter’s Senior Vice President of Product mentioned that the newly added red hearts have not in any way stopped activity on the platform. In fact, Weil says that this feature has stepped up activity on the service.

Like feature ups liking activity on Twitter by 6%

According to Twitter’s SVP of theproduct, the new likes feature on Twitter had increased the liking activity by up to 6% when compared to what people used to do with favoriting. In his statement, Weil says that the main reason behind this increased activity is the fact that it’s a lot easier for users to understand what it means to use the red hearts as opposed to the stars.

This change from stars for favorites to hearts for likes took place at the beginning of this month and at the time; there were some complaints that came in on the change. However, it seems no significant difference has been brought in by this switch.

“We dedicated lots of thought into this fundamental change of replacing a star with a heart. We tried it in a variety of ways and different countries, trying out a variety of different icons and words,” Weil said. “The heart is a ubiquitous and more inclusive symbol,” he added.

The increment in the liking activity on Twitter may be a direct indicator that people do like the new hearts icon, after all. However, the argument that was brought against these icons somehow makes complete sense.

What Twitter did was to swap one thing for the other just like that, expecting that people will also switch with immediate effect. Well, this is not an easy thing, but it seems people are adjusting quite amazingly. So, the hope is that Jack Dorsey doesn’t wake up on a Tuesday morning and brings another change.

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