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A few months ago, LinkedIn revealed that it was working on ways to cut down on the emails users receive from the platform.

This was in line with the many complaints that the company had received on the number of emails LinkedIn sends its users.

The company wants to make sure that the emails you receive are relevant and less frequent and as a result, the number of emails being sent has been cut down by half while complaints have gone down by more than 65%. However, it seems the professional networking site isn’t ready to stop there.

In a statement on the company’s blog, LinkedIn says that it would “like to make sure that we only send messages that you want to know about” and it is why the company has been busy working on a new email and notifications tool known as Air Traffic Controller (ATC).

ATC to address email and notification volume, quality and frequency

According to LinkedIn, the new ATC platform will be responsible for dealing with three common complaints. One is the issue of volume of emails being sent to users; another is about the quality of the emails while a third complaint revolves around the frequency with which these emails are sent to users.

While the company may already have reduced the volume of emails you receive from a massive 50%, the new ATC platform will be handy as it will determine whenever you are logged into LinkedIn and thus prevent sending of emails associated with stuff you already see on your screen.

In addition to this, the service will allow daily and monthly limits to take effect on the frequency of emails where users will only be sent notifications on the most important things on the channel of your choice. For example, in the past LinkedIn used to send users emails of each connection invitation received, however, the new ATC platform will combine all recently received invitations and send them as a single mail.

There is even more to with thequality of emails received as LinkedIn reveals that it’s getting smarter when it comes to curating communication with users. With ATC at the center of things, more information is availed to the company in a bid to help them understand what your preferences are so that the content and experience delivered are based on what you desire and not what is best for the company.

In this way, the professional networking platform believes that it will be better positioned to offer all of its users a personalized experience.