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If you own an Android device then you must have encountered the annoying “Google Play authentication is required” issue. If you stumbled upon this once or twice and didn’t know what to do about it, we offer you 3 easy tips that will make this error go away.

Eliminate The Google Account

Most of times, this error can be a mere sign-in obstacle. It happens when the Play Store is being upgraded. What you can do is head on to Settings, next Accounts and then eliminate the Goggle account. When the problem of the “authentication is required” goes away, just re- install the account, if this first tip fails, try the second one as well and you should solve the problem.

Google Play Store – Enable Clear Data Option

In order to perform this step, head on to Settings, Applications and look for Google Play Store. Click on it and choose Clear data, clearing the cache is also a good idea, however by opting for the clear data option, all of your cache will be emptied as well.

Google Play Store Upgrades Must be Uninstalled

The Google Play Store can be causing this “authentication is required” glitch. To fix this, go to Settings, Applications and tap Uninstall updates, doing this will mean you will have the first and foremost version of the Google Play Store. Your next step is to install the newest variant of the latter and then repeat the sign-in process.

Note: if you still haven’t managed to fix this error, you could try restarting the device while applying the tips mentioned above, here is what you should try: Follow the first tip and after that restart the device, then follow second tip and again reboot and so on, don’t give up as the error might not be fixed right away.

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