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Facebook is towering in the technology industry.

Currently, the social media platform is the largest globally. Despite thissuccess, it has never stopped improving onits services.

The company recently confirmed the launching of a brand feature for its Messenger. Photo Magic, Facebook’s new feature, is a face recognition technology that makes it easier for Facebook users to share images. The technologystrolls the photos that you have not yet uploaded to Facebook and are in your camera roll. If it detects a Facebook friend’s photo in your photos, it will suggest that you share the picture with them via Messenger. Photo Magic applies the same technology already in use with tag suggestions in main Facebook News Feedsand Moments, Facebook’s experimental app.

Facebook uses Photo Magic to lure users to Facebook Messenger

Facebook is making this move to accomplish two objectives: first, the company has established that image sharing is one of the intense activities its users undertake. Therefore, it wants to make it easier for them to share images across the platform. An incredible 9.5 billion images were shared last month on Facebook!

Secondly, the firm is keen to popularize its standalone messaging app, Facebook Messenger. Facebook has been revamping its messaging app with new features including the ability to employ home service contractors, human-powered virtual assistant M, and smarter photo sharing. Right now, users are developing ataste for Messenger with the added features as opposed to earlier when the idea of splitting Messenger from Facebook News Feed came.

How does Photo Magic work?

The feature, however, may scare users who want to keep their photos private. The company is aware of the group and has adequately catered for them. Individuals are at will to opt in and out of Photo Magic. If you don’t wish your face to be recognized in other peoples’ photos or have Photo Magic detect friends’ faces in your camera roll, you can deny Messenger the permission to activate the new feature.

Users who have already shared photos on Messenger have already activated the feature. Therefore, if you fall into thiscategory,and you don’t fancy the Photo Magicfeature, you can opt out. Conversely, the same technology is used both in themain Facebook app and Messenger. Those who have tag suggestions turned off will automatically not be viable for the face detection feature.

When on Android the feature prompts you to share that photo with friends via Messenger within seconds of taking it. A new conversation will be opened with that friend or group only upon your consent. While on iOS the feature goes through users’ camera roll “periodically”, however, the company has not identified what this means yet.

The new feature is accessible only for Android users in Australia as of now. It will be available for iOS Messenger shortly, with a global rollout slated for the upcoming months.