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According to a recent survey by comScore,Apple still tops the list of smartphone makers in the United States.

Based on significant trends in the smartphone industry,Apple was ranked first in the Original Equipment Manufacturer category.

ComScore, a universal media measurement and analytics company,reported that Apple has 43.6 percent share of the United States’ smartphone owners.

The data, which was compared to the previous quarter that ended in June, was centered on a three-month average that ended in September. Despite maintaining the lead, the data released revealed that,in comparison to last quarter’s results, Apple’s share of in the smartphone industry went down by 0.5 percent.

Others topping the list

Apple was followed by Samsung, which owns 27.6 percent of the smartphone subscribers share. LG was positioned as the third best smartphone manufacturer displaying an increase to 9.4 percent as compared last quarter’s 8.3%. Motorola was ranked fourth then followed by HTC with the two companies owning 4.8 and 3.3 percent of the market respectively. HTC and Motorola have however displayed a decrease in the number of smartphone subscribers by 0.1 percent each.

The research that covered three months and concluded inSeptember revealed that there are about 192.4 million smartphone owners in the nation.

More from the survey

Other standings in the survey on smartphone applications and smartphone platform market share also indicated that the Android operating system was rated best. Android has 52.3 percent of the smartphone platform market share showing an increase of 0.7 percentfrom the previous survey that ended in June. Despite Apple being the leading smartphone maker in theU.S.,its operating system,iOS, is not the widely used system.From the report,iOS garnered 43.6 percent of the market share-a decrease of 0.5 percent.

Microsoft, Blackberry and Symbian operating systems managed to maintain their previous statistics and closed the top five list of the ‘Smartphone Platform Market Share’ category with 2.9, 1.2 and 0.1 percent respectively.

On the other hand, comScore revealed thatFacebook is the top most and widely used smartphone application. The Facebook app managed to have 76.2 percent of smartphone app users in the United States. Its sister standalone app,Facebook Messenger, was placed third having 60.9 percent of smartphone apps audience while Google’s YouTube came in second with 61 percent of the audience.

Google Play, Google Search and Google Maps were ranked 4th, 5th and 6th in that order with 52.2%, 51.1% and 49.8 % of the smartphone apps users’ respectively. Gmail had 42.8%,Pandora Radio-42.6%,Instagram had 38.6%, Yahoo Stocks32.2%, Apple Music 32.1%, Apple Maps 29.3%,Amazon Mobile-27.6%, Twitter 25.2% and rounding up the table of the fifteen top smartphone apps is Google Drive, which had 24.4 percent of the audience.

As you may have noticed, WhatsApp is nowhere on this list of top 15 smartphone apps used in the U.S. This is true because the app enjoys a huge following outside the country, with India being one of its highly used regions, accounting for over 70 million users.