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Android 5.0 Lollipop is definitely a mobile operating system that a lot of you will not forget, check out this informative guide that contains some of the best tip-offs you can put into practice for this mobile OS.

Warning Meddlers: Access Denied

If you do no like meddlers and you wish to keep them away from your phone, here is what you need to do:

  • Settings,
  • Security,
  • Enable Screen Pinning, click on the multi-tasking knob and click on the pin that pops-up, you can also add a PIN number if you want or enable your handset to lock immediately after you exit the screen.

Chrome Tabs Brought Back in Chrome Browser

For some, having Chrome Android tabs scattered all over might or might not represent an issue, it depends, if it is though, you could easily hit Chrome Settings, and click to deactivate the Merge tabs and apps prompt. Now, your tabs can be easily accessed through the standard knob (see URL bar in the browser).

Choose to Implement The Voice Xommand

If you like to take control and order your device what to do next, here is how it’s done. You need to drag the Home knob until you see the Google logo appear, next, simply say “OK Google, launch X app” and that’s all.

Email App Can Be Sacked

The Email app is still preserved in Android app for some reason, however there is a way you can remove it, what’s the point of keeping an app that is unproductive anyway?

  • Go to Settings, Apps, All tab and look for Email in order to deactivate it.

Extend Battery Life Duration

You can extend your battery’s life by going to Settings, Battery and then click on the action knob( top right side), then tap on Battery Saver and activate it. You can choose the default percent for your battery life span and all there is left to do is learn how to get accustomed with the status and navigation bar of your handset.

Developer Options: On

The Developer Options will permit you to mess around with the system and settings in order to customized your phone however you want. Of course, they are not just lying there in plain sight, so in order to find them head on to Settings, About Phone and 7xclick on the Built Number, this will help you unseal Settings and Developer Options.