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Android 6.0 M was launched just a few months ago and in fact, no so many devices have this OS already on board.

When this OS was announced, many were happy with the features Google said were coming along with the OS. Well, the company did not fall short of users’ expectations following its promises, but for sure, it can be quite tricky trying to find or rather know each of these features and the ones that will offer you tangible benefits when using your phone or tablet.

While the only sure way you can do this is by actually testing each and every aspect of the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow on what you want, there is another way that is less time consuming, stress-free and less costly as well. This other way is getting all you need to know about the best features of this OS from this read. The section below details out the fivemajor reasons you need to upgrade to the latest Android 6.0 M now.

Easier text selection

Android M finally brings on board the much sought after animprovement in text selection. It is now possible to easily highlight as compared to experiences with the same. While you may never have noticed that this feature is a bit yuck on older versions of Android, wait until you try the same feature on Android 6.0 M. In the new version, simply tap and hold on any word and it will be highlighted.

App permissions

It is now possible to deny or grant apps the permissions they want access to on a case by case basis. Don’t want WhatsApp to access your SMS? You can simplydeny it permission to access this feature while at the same time using other features. Cool huh!


Doze is one of the most high-profile additions to the new Android OS. Battery life is one of the major issues facing smartphones, and Google has worked hard to try and optimize the OS such that processing that takes place in the background whenever the device goes into standby mode has greatlybeen reduced.

This means that users of Android 6.0 M will enjoy much better battery life, probably double, than those on Android L and below.

Sounds and notifications

The new OS comes with a redesigned Android Lollipop notification system, making it easier to switch the device to silent mode. This should be an easy thing, but Android L made things quite complicated. Google’s Marshmallow comes to the rescue as it has streamlined the settings and removed the “Priority”, “None” as well as “All” subtitles.

Enhanced fingerprint integration

Android 6.0 M is going to make you do wonders with your currently dormant fingerprint scanner (if you already have one on your phone). Initially, there was no way developers could introduce some tweaks in this feature, but it is now possible to Android M. App developers can easily leverage this fingerprint technology and integrate it into their apps, paving theway for much more exciting things.