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Yahoo has rolled out a new version of Flickr, but this update affects the users of Apple’s iPhones.

The features of iPhone 6S that have dominated the latest Apple ads are now available on this application.

If you own an older iPhone that you have already updated to the latest iOS 9 mobile OS, you will now be able to use Spotlight search to find albums that you have created using the Flickr photo sharing application without the need of opening the app in the first place.

Things will even be much better for those using the latest iPhone iterations – iPhone 6S and 6S Plus – as Yahoo has also added support for the latest 3D Touch technology. What this feature does is to allow the users to get sneak previews of photos or emails in say, the Gmail app, without the need of opening them in full. This is the same thing that is going to happen with the latest Flickr app – pressing on the screen icon will pop up several other options of executing common functionalities of the service.

In Flickr, holding your hand on the camera roll will give you a preview of the photo in question, eliminating the need to double click on it to open it all the way. In the Camera Roll of this photo sharing app, press on a photo lightly in order to see a preview and when you move your finger right or left, you will also be able to see neighboring snaps in a fast preview. In this way, you will for sure get a better sense of whatever is deep down your camera roll without having to manually scroll through each of them.

Yahoo’s fortunes have not been the best of late as the services this company was revered for have been taken over by other players; for instance, most people have turned to Gmail as their main email service provider. It is the same thing that is happening with Flickr as many users prefer other apps such as Snapchat and Instagram for sharing photos.

It seems Yahoo wants to revive this service using all means possible. Things have been changing in the recent years, with a notable example of these changes being the almost unlimited storage program where Flickr now offers up to 1TB of storage space for your photos, for free. Now there is a newly updated app that makes things as far as sharing and storing mobile photos is concerned a lot easier than before.

Stiff competition from Google Photos

While photo sharing apps such as Snapchat and Instagram might be having some amazing features, none of them can match the 1TB storage space that Yahoo awards Flickr users for free. However, there is serious competition coming from Google Photos, which came in this year and offers free unlimited storage space, but at a reduced resolution.

In the short period this app has been around, it has already been downloaded on more than 100 million occasions. However, if you are kind of concerned, with the fact that Google is accessing your photos, the newly updated Flickr for iOS app is just what you need.