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According to Redmond Pie, a technology blog, Apple has filed a patent application at United States Patent and Trademark Office for integrating a new SOS security feature, which will protect data on the upcoming iPhone 7, by pressing the Touch ID home button using a designated finger which activates the panic mode and automatically call 911. The police will know your location using your phone’s GPS, so they will know where to find you.

The technology blog we’ve mentioned in the intro posted a document which contains information about Apple’s plans to incorporate a new SOS security feature which is activated once the user pressed the Touch ID using a particular finger-impression. This feature will save a lot of people in trouble, and will prevent a potential rape or robbery and in addition, it will stop thieves or hackers from accessing your sensitive information, as they will be tricked to believe that there’s no data in the device.

It seems that Apple wants to assign a different function to each fingerprint, and to give examples, the index finger could be used for unlocking the phone, the ring finger would launch the camera and another finger will activate the micro-phone. So, when pressing the Touch ID with one of these fingers, the phone would launch a certain application or service.

Everyone is excited about this new feature, saying that Apple will make its iOS ecosystem more secured compared to Google’s Android and will prevent hackers from stealing users’ important information, besides photos.

iPhone 7

Apple will bring the usual screen size variants of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch and the latest rumors, the company is working on a new slimmer headphone jack technology and filed a patent for it. The headphone will be called D Jack and will have a diameter of 2mm.

The device will run on the upcoming Apple A10 processor which will be backed by a M10 motion co-processor, and will be shipped with iOS 10, which will be unveiled at the next WWDC event, in June 2016.

Other rumors suggest that the phone will be waterproof, it will have an e-SIM and perhaps an edge-to-edge screen.