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In the past, it used to be hard to search for all public posts on Facebook.

The good news is that the biggest social media network in the world now intends to allow its users to search for and find all public posts that are of interest to them. This is because of a new search feature that will now appear on Facebook. What this means is that you can now do a search, akin to what you do on other search engines and get results based on what you typed on Facebook’s search bar.

1.2 billion daily searches

Every day, users perform more than 1.2 billion searches on Facebook. More than 2 trillion posts are indexed on Facebook. With this new feature, the users will be able to keep pace with all that is happening with the other users on the social media network platform. As a user types on the search bar, Facebook will display everything that is currently happening around the word or phrase. The results will feature all that a user’s friends are saying about the topic under search.

2 trillion posts available for search

With this latest feature, people who have always preferred staying under the radar while using Facebook will have a much difficult time trying to do just that. All the public posts they ever made on the social media platform are now available for search. All the 2 trillion posts ever made on Facebook are up and available for search. However, there is a growing belief that Facebook has taken this massive step based on its commercial interests.

Facebook’s commercial reasons

Google is the largest search engine in the world. It is the search engine of choice to many people. Google boasts of more than 3.5 billion searches from users around the world per day. On the other hand, Facebook boasts of 1.5 billion daily searches by users. Although the gap seems insurmountable, Facebook has just taken the first step to see a drastic reduction and gain a further share of the search market.

Change of settings

Therefore, if you do not want your posts to be available to the public, change the settings regarding who should see the posts to “Friends Only”. Facebook has given you the power to do just that through ’Settings’. It may no longer be possible to prevent others from searching for you on Facebook by name. It is no longer possible to keep your past photos away from the public, but you still have control over whether to put up public or private posts.

Therefore, the new public posts feature on Facebook should not make you a worried person. If you want your posts to be visible to only friends, change the settings and the whole world will not see your opinions regarding specific matters.