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In a bid to counter the influence from other social sites such as Twitter and Snapchat, Facebook has already set the stage to launch its own standalone news app.

This move by Facebook is perceived to be a threat to publishers and media houses that are also in the game of mobile news in a bid to reach out to today’s smartphone generation. After several months of trying out the Facebook Instant Articles, with stories from the likes of BBC news, the New York Times, BuzzFeed and The Guardian, Facebook flung the package a fortnight ago to the users of iPhone. This clearly depicted the app’s growth in confidence towards distributing news.

The inclusive standalone app

Numerous news articles are being developed, thus opening up a way for the billion user social networking company to launch its own separate app that will reportedly be termed as ‘Notify’. Closely following the sister ‘Instant Articles’, Notify is ready for its launch next week after early reports arose over the summer regarding the app’s testing.

Deriving content from various digital, video and print firms that include CNN, Comedy Central, Vogue, Mashable, Washington Post, Billboard magazine and CBS, the standalone app is expected to elicit a stiff competition in the mobile news market. This is after the Mark Zuckerberg-owned company’s rivals ventured into the mobile news market.

Competitive world it is

Snapchat’s Discover service, which was launched in January, attracted many media firms to the product. For instance CNN and Vice raised rates for adverts on this service that is based on mobile video platforms than the commonly known digital product placements. On the other side, there exists the Moments service on Twitter, where a team of experts from publisher associates and the social site pool together videos and tweets from their clients and reporters to create news of the moment.

Apple’s September launch of the “News aggregator” app has also indicated much interest in this sector of news’ alert business. Google, also not being left out, has over thirty partners, with Twitter amongst them, who work to provide news alerts on the “Accelerated Mobile Pages” plan.

Facebook still stands out to be successful in appealing to its huge base of customers upon the introduction of smartphone apps such as Messenger. This is in contrary to Snapchat’s move to scrap off Poke and also Slingshot’s launch of its separate video chat product that did not improve the firms’ clientele as earlier expected.

Let’s wait and see how “Notify” will notify us.

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