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Nowadays people have a lot of amazing media players at their disposal, Roku 4 or Chromecast are just a few important names when it comes to media streamers, today’s face-off is between Apple TV and Chromecast 2.

Summing up the most important specs

These two devices have a 1080p resolution as far as content is concerned, the 4K element is missing, but this might not matter to some as 4K content might be accessible merely in 2016. Because the streamers support the 802.11ac Wi-fi connectivity, streaming content will be more constant than ever. As for the RAM issue, the Chromecast hasn’t got much to offer (256MB of storage and just 512MB of RAM) while the Apple TV comes in 32/64 GB of storage and has 2GB of RAM.

Design, operating system and UI

The Apple TV gizmo is a square shaped box that can be strategically placed under the TV while Chromecast 2 has a circular shape that can be plugged into a HDMI port.

As for the OS, the Apple TV runs tvOS. The latter allows users to add all kinds of games and apps to the media streamer as it is based on iOS. As far as the UI, this is a really interactive one that shows the movies, apps and games in a grid type of format.

As far as the UI for Chromecast, this doesn’t exist since the latter device acts as a mere “intermediary” between one’s mobile device and television. You will not have that standard TV content to look forward to as your mobile device acts as the sole controller for the Chromecast device, without the former, the latter is inoperative.

Content, remote controllers and costs

With the Apple TV, users get to enjoy a whole range of movies and shows through apps like Netflix, HBO GO and others. With Chromecast 2, users will be able to see solely the content that is streamed from the mobile device, apps, games and movies are part of this category as well.

As for the remote controllers, the Chromecast 2 doesn’t have an actual remote, your mobile and Chromecast 2 app are basically it, with Chromecast 2 app you have the Fast Play element which will come in handy and you can also use the latter as a channel guide.

The Apple TV brings Siri remote controller to the scene and nothing tops Siri. With it you can do simple swipe and tap gesture to browse around the Apple TV’s interface. And the big plus is that you can enable voice commands.

Price wise, in the US the 32 GB base model of the Apple retails for $149 while the 64 GB variant will end up costing you $199, in Great Britain, Chromecast 2 is marked at £30.