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When Apple came in with the new iterations of the iPhone, there was nothing to take the place of the old iPhone 5C.

However, it seems there is increasing demand for a new 4-inch iPhone as some users claim that handling of the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch smartphones is kind of a problem.

While there were some rumors that Apple will roll out a new series of iPhones that include iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and a 4-inch mystery iPhone model, MacRumors reports that this might truly be in the making.

Now that reports of about a replacement to the iPhone 5C have once again resurfaced, many tech pundits are predicting that the device will be ready during the first half of next year.

What we expect

As mentioned earlier, when Apple rolled out refreshed versions of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus back in 2014, there was no refreshed version for those using the smaller, plastic iPhone 5C. There were even speculations that this device will be discontinued, but it has been on the market, up until September 2015, when it was discontinued in favor of the iPhone 5S.

The budget iPhone 5C has been missing on the market for quite some time now. However, there are rumors still doing the rounds regarding work in progress at Cupertino, with respect to the phone’s successor. This is in line with the continued demand for a phone with a smaller 4-inch display screen that is a lot easier to handle than the mega-sized 5.5 inch model or the moderate 4.7 inch model.

Back in December 2014, there was a rumor that Apple was going to release a 4-inch smartphone in 2015 alongside the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which pundits thought would be named the iPhone 6C. These rumors started fading away and were later on replaced by another rumor suggesting that Apple had canceled the iPhone 6C project in order to focus on generating more sales for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Even though the plans for rolling out this budget phone for iOS lovers were scraped in 2015, it seems they have been reignited, but with a possible 2016 launch date for this 4-inch smartphone.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will roll out a 4-inch iPhone in the first half of the next year. Kuo has a knack of correctly predicting Apple’s plans and furthermore, similar claims have previously come from Digitimes.

Expected design of iPhone 6C

While Apple usually never reveals anything about their devices until they are actually released, there were already early suggestions claiming this device would wear a plastic body just like the iPhone 5C. However, Kuo thinks otherwise, claiming that the new phone will take the same shape as the iPhone 5S, with aluminum build.

There are also reports that Apple will include the latest A9 chipset in this device as well as keep on with features such as Touch ID. However, don’t be too excited for there are chances this device won’t include the much hyped 3D Touch technology as a way of differentiating it from the company’s line of flagship smartphones. Nonetheless, Cupertino is expected to include an NFC chip in order for Apple Pay to work on this device.

Expected pricing

Apple is known for the premium prices it charges for its similarly premium devices. However, we expect the upcoming iPhone 6C to be placed in the same bracket as the iPhone 5C and thus take the place of the current iPhone 5S. Sales of this device will go on alongside the current iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus as well as iPhone 6S Plus.

As of now, all rumors are suggesting that the iPhone 6C will be in by the second quarter of 2016, which means this device will get a different release schedule as compared to the other large-screened flagships.

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