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It seems that the Android devices are facing an annoying virus that some security experts found. According to reports, this virus is found inside popular applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Candy Crush.

According to Lookout, a security company, the bug comes in different names such as: ShiftyBug, Shedun and Shuanet. All three versions of the virus have the similar code and all three act in the same way.

It seems that the bug is hiding in legitimate popular applications such as the ones we’ve mentioned above. Once it gets inside your device, the bug will root it in the background and make it impossible for you to uninstall it.

According to Lookout, anyone that was hit by this adware bug will need professional help to remove it from their mobile devices. The security company said that the bogus applications are downloaded from third party application stores and not from the Google Play Store. With other words, if you’ve never downloaded an application from a third party source, you’re safe.

The Lookout Company said that this kind of adware will become more sophisticated in time, and by leveraging its root privilege it will be able to read or write privileges in the system directory and hide even better its activities and presence. Hopefully, the users will understand that it’s not safe to download Games and Applications from third party sources as they are not secure and they might allow the hackers to gain control on their device and steal their personal data such as credit cards or bank account information.

We remind you that this news comes not long after the big search engine company, Google, has found 11 issues with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. The South Korean company has fixed a part of the problems and it is expected that in the upcoming weeks they will also release an update to entirely fix the issues.

Have you installed any popular application from a third party source? Did you ever notice any strange behavior on your Android device?