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WhatsApp is the most used messaging application on mobile devices. This is confirmed by over 900 million monthly active users which have installed this application. In addition, after WhatsApp has received the Voice Calling feature, the developers have noticed that a big wave of new users has joined their application.

The developers of WhatsApp are continuously working on improving their application. This is confirmed by the new WhatsApp versions that are released every 1-2 days. The latest feature that was added to WhatsApp is the one that allows you to save on the cloud the WhatsApp Chat History. This can be done by accessing the “Google Drive” feature from Settings->Chat and Calls->Chat Backup. Here you will need to provide a Google mail account and you’re done.

If rumors prove to be right, the WhatsApp developers are also working on a Video Calling feature, which might be added soon enough. However, this was not confirmed by the developers of WhatsApp, so we’re not sure if this will happen in the near future. But if we think again, WhatsApp will need a feature like that in order to stay on the top mobile messaging applications.

WhatsApp 2.12.348: What’s New And How To Install On Android

The new WhatsApp 2.12.348 doesn’t come with any new features, but instead you will notice that the application is more stable than before and that some of the bugs are now fixed.

Since the WhatsApp 2.12.348 is the latest BETA version of this application, you will need to download the APK (installation) file from the internet and manually install it on your device. This APK file can’t be downloaded without enabling the “Unknown Sources” option, which can be found in your device’s Settings->Security or Settings->Applications.

The WhatsApp 2.12.348 can be downloaded from and to install it, just head to the location where you’ve saved the APK file and tap on it to start the installation process.