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If you’ve also sent by accident an unwanted message to the trash when chatting in WhatsApp, you’re in for some news. The good news is that your handset can automatically do backups while the bad news is that the online chats are not stored by WhatsApp, if you wish to recover some of your messages, you need to keep on reading and find out how it’s done.

Recovering erased WhatsApp messages [Android]

On Android, WhatsApp will save your message history regularly, every night to be more precise and you will find all of these backups in a WhatsApp folder. Note: This file may be stored either in the internal storage of the mobile phone or on the SD card, this depends on what device you own, it could also be saved on Google Drive. There are three methods you can use to restore the messages you’ve deleted.

Reinstating new backups – Start by uninstalling WhatsApp and reinstalling it, tap on restore when you are asked if your wish to restore the chat history, simply give it a few seconds and that’s that. Important: make sure you do not have a different mobile number and make sure the backup is a recent one.

Reinstating older backups – Older in this case means a few days older and not longer, a file manager is required. Start by creating a manual backup if your wish to save the chats, head on to Settings, then Chats and Calls and look for Back up Chats. The backup will appear saved as the following: msgstore.db.crypt8 in your /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder.

The file should be saved like so: asmsgstore.db.crypt8.current so you do not get disoriented when looking for it. In order to restore it you must uninstall WhatsApp and then select the backup file you want to reinstate in /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases. The next step is to give it a new name (from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8 to msgstore.db.crypt8) and then reinstall WhatsApp and click on restore.

Reinstating WhatsApp messages with Google Drive – if the chats are saved to Google Drive, you can get them back. It is imperative that you use the same Google Account for backing up and restoring your chats or this method will be inoperative. Start by uninstalling WhatApp and then reinstalling it, click the restore prompt and get all of your messages from Google Drive, give a few seconds and you’re done.