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Viber’s  latest update of its features was actually about a month ago, but apparently with the latest release of 5.6.2413 APK version, there is something new in the app.

Hosting millions of people around the world, Viber provides picture and video messaging as well as text services. With accessibility on various platforms such as Blackberry OS, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Symbian, Viber has aided communication overseas with no extra data roaming charges and also inexpensively. With a well-organized data connection, the app is quite convenient for businesses and individual clients.

The app also allows the clientele to follow favorite celebrities, brands, products and topics through the Public Chats feature. What’s more fun than using emojis and stickers during conversations? Well, Viber has these and much more, but the latest Viber version, released this week has even more! Viber users also enjoy making affordable calls to other non-users as long as the receiver has a mobile phone or landline telephone number.

The new version

The latest Viber version requires that you have at least 36.48 MB of space on your device in order to enjoy the extra features and also a number of improvements included in this new version.

To download the latest version update of Viber, just log onto the application’s official website. However, you will have to permit the Unknown Source choice via the phone’s security settings to proceed with the installation.

Alternatively, you can just download the new Viber version from Google Play Store and automatically install it on your device. The Play Store download does not require the user to enable the Unknown Source; it is simply a direct download and installation procedure.

Features added

Using the app on a smartphone and a tablet will indeed prove that there are some noticeable visual differences, especially in group and individual chats.

With the addition of a heart symbol adjacent to the group chats, the new version may not display much parity in appearance as compared to previous versions. By using the heart icon, the Viber clients can like other clients’ contribution to the group chat. This feature is aimed at spicing up the communication experience in the app, making it more fun.

To some clients, there was the issue of limitation in the size of the messages in the previous versions; but this improved latest version comes in with a character limit of up to 7,000. The latest Viber version has also been added with support for Public Chats feature on tablets. This now replaces the necessity for moving on to the smartphone application to access Public Chats.

Viber clients will now be able to forward public conversations thus enhancing easier content sharing among the users than in the earlier versions. The new version also has improved video messaging making the whole version interesting to download.