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Even if a month has passed since Google launched its brand new mobile operating system, dubbed Android Marshmallow, there are lots of mobile devices that are still waiting to embrace the latter upgrade.

There is a series of Motorola handsets that are presumed to embrace the Marshmallow upgrade. These include the Moto X, Moto G (2015) and Moto MAXX devices which will most likely get the upgrade OTA. Various reports claim that all Moto X (2015) models will receive the Android M upgrade. Tech Times affirms that “While the 2014 Pure edition made the cut, unfortunately neither the AT&T or Verizon 2nd gen Moto X will be invited to the Marshmallow party, much to the chagrin of owners of those devices. The original Moto G and Moto X won’t receive the update either, nor will any of the company’s Moto E device”, the source concluded.

It seems that Motorola has started to release the Android M upgrade to the Moto X Pure Edition (the 2015 version) and has allowed several users to dry run the upgrade. International Business says “The Company is currently testing the firmware that will be followed by a soak test. It will be then eventually rolled out for general users.”

Size wise, the upgrade will take up 500 MB of space, so you need to make your mobile devices has the required amount of free space. Given the fact that a lot of older Motorola devices, including the 2014 series will not get the Android M upgrade, users might just make waves as this issue will bother a lot of Motorola owners. Phil Nickinson (Android Central) believes that Moto E devices shouldn’t be sold any longer if the device will not be updated properly in the future. Do you agree? What are your thoughts on the subject?

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