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YouTube is now 10 years old. For something that has been in existence for such a short time, it is amazing how much transformation YouTube has brought on to the Internet.

The entertainment industry has also undergone massive changes in the same amount of time. Users on YouTube utilize the platform for voicing their opinions in addition to sharing experiences and displaying purchases that they made. Product review has also grown in popularity in YouTube.

Growing influencers

A large group of influential personalities has been growing in popularity in YouTube in the recent years. Teenagers seem to be the main target of the influencers on the platform. Many celebrities have forced their way to global recognition through YouTube. The platform has also given birth to a new trend known as vlogging, which is the YouTube version of the increasingly popular art of blogging.

YouTube for making money

By sharing experiences, thoughts and stories, many people have used YouTube to make money. In this regard, YouTube has emerged as one of the platforms through which to make money online. The fact that the users are able to put up their own channels on YouTube is one of the reasons that has led to the increasing popularity of what have become known around the world as YouTubers – a group that is getting more influential by the day on this video-streaming site.

Wide choice of channels

YouTube allows the users to subscribe to the channels they believe contains the most useful, relevant and interesting content. Some channels boast of millions of subscribers. Other channels only have a few hundred subscribers. Grow your channel and ensure that it has as many people as you desire. The secret to do this is ensuring that you post short videos containing the sort of content that will keep your subscribers coming back for more.

Home to everybody

Sports teams, musicians, celebrities, media houses and all types of institutions are now on YouTube putting up channels. Music videos keep cropping up on YouTube all the time. It is common for big brands to use some influential personalities on YouTube to market their products – especially the new products. The YouTube’s influential personalities give their endorsements to the products at a fee, which is not uniform, but depends on several factors.

Many gaming experts are also able to use YouTube to increase their income. You do not have to show your face to increase in popularity. The video that you put up on YouTube only needs a voice. You may also produce videos that are self-explanatory and not dependent on faces or voice to grow in popularity. For these reasons, it is no wonder that YouTube has emerged as one of the most powerful tools in transforming the Internet as well as the entertainment industry.