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It appears that several users that have devices running Lollipop and KitKat have been complaining about Google Play Services causing battery drainage. Before proceeding with these solutions we’ve listed down below, ensure that you have updated firmware as well as software.

Google Play Services might be guilty-party when it comes to your phone’s discharge issues, mostly because it is packed with apps. But if you don’t want to point fingers without being sure, there is one way to check and see if Google Play Services is responsible. Go to Battery (see Settings) where you should find your answer.

If Google Play Services is in fact responsible for battery drainage, you need to watch out for these main causes:

Task Killers – they come in handy when you wish to stop/cancel a specific procedure. However this action leads to the entire backing up process starting all over again, thus your mobile device will be in for quite a struggle. The solution is to deactivate the task killer and take a minute to see what happens to the battery.

Security Software – This could definitely be responsible for your battery drainage, because this is always activated, it can tire out the battery. So you can disable it if you wish, however make sure you avoid downloading/opening sketchy apps and files.

Sync Errors – this is when Google is struggling to sync data but it fails (a bad server connection is usually the case). You could try and remove and then re-add the accounts in order to fix these sync glitches. Note: before doing this, deactivate Mobile Data (found in Settings) leave it for a few minutes and then enable it.

Multiple Accounts – With Google Play Services, users normally set-up a bunch of apps (emails, notifications etc) that pile up in the background of their device. If you are linked to various Google accounts, each time the latter service downloads something it has to do it for all of your accounts.