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Candy Crush requests are among the most annoying behaviors on the Internet today.

You log in to your Facebook account expecting to see what is happening around the world and in the lives of your friends only to receive tens of notifications from friends regarding Candy Crush requests. This habit is annoying because you can be doing something much better on Facebook instead of playing Candy Crush. If you have the time, the notifications will not anger you in any way.

List of app requests

Similar to the requests regarding Candy Crush, Facebook has also now made it possible for users to block all app requests. The sad news is that some of the requests keep finding their way to your profile yet your friends have no idea that they sent them to you in the first place. In addition to Candy Crush, you are likely to keep receiving requests from your friends on Facebook regarding other apps such as:

  • Farmville
  • Criminal Case
  • Farm Heroes Saga
  • Texas Holdem Poker
  • Pet Rescue Saga
  • Dragon Saga
  • Mafia Wars

Block the app or sender

One effective way of stopping the requests is to block the app so that it does not keep disturbing you. On the other hand, if you want to retain the app and not block it, but keep receiving the requests from one friend, Facebook gives you the power to block that individual. Unfriending the person might work, but blocking is the most effective plan of action that you can use to maintain your sanity, while on Facebook, instead of spending countless hours denying app requests.


If you prefer to block the app, the following would be the perfect route to take:

  1. Go to the downward-pointing arrow, which lies on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Choose the Blocking icon/tab

You will see the button for Blocking right at the bottom of the page. Type the name of the app you wish to block. While typing, the full name of the app will appear. Select it. The process is the same with all app requests that you receive, but want to put an end to on Facebook. If later you decide that playing Candy Crush is not such a bad idea after all, follow this same procedure to unblock the app in question.

You may also feel like removing the app, but just know that this does not mean being unable to receive requests from friends who might knowingly or unknowingly send them to you. The requests from apps will disappear once you remove or block the app. If the requests are from one individual, consider blocking him so that you can continue using Facebook peacefully.