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The rumor mill claims that Mage will be the new hero that will be included in Clash of Clans. Yibada’s report reveals this hero holding a book, so gamers can only assume that Mage will be part of the upcoming Clash of Clans upgrade. No other specifics have been divulged yet.

Clash of Clans updates due for December?

Super Cell (the mastermind behind the Clash of Clans game) made public at the Clash Con (2015 edition) the fact that there is an update scheduled to be released in the near future. On Facebook, Clash of Clans also confirmed the fact that the team is working on a brand new upgrade and that it is just a matter of weeks before it will become available. Even if nothing has been confirmed yet, the latter Facebook post might lead some to believe that December might just be the due date for the upgrade. According to various hearsays, this upcoming upgrade will also include a new type of defensive construction (rumor has it this might just be a tower), a New Town Hall Level 11 as well as Gem Mine and the enlargement of the maps (44×44). This only means one thing: plenty of space for players to build.

Touch Arcade did a review in which the source claimed that the there are lots of new developers out there that are trying to strive in the gaming industry and have decided to copy Clash of Clans, which according to the same source is just heinous. While various individuals wish to earn money with these clone updates, players will not be able to experience the same thing when purchasing these COC expansions. Gamers from all corners of the world have been united with the news of Clash of Clans being expanded. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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