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WhatsApp is the world’s most used application with a user base of over 900 million monthly active users.

Inside this app, you will find addresses that friends sent you, general plans, meeting dates, as well as other important notices from workmates. Furthermore, it is possible to find photos of your friends, relatives, amazing audio recordings and videos and so many other things.

When an application has so much in store, it can sometimes be very hard to find something that is stored in the app. The good thing is that WhatsApp search feature is available for such tasks. However, this search function is not the best when it comes to tracing a specific message from your chat history, especially if you do not remember the exact words in the message or even the sender. Furthermore, you may be in search of a media file, say a photo, which cannot be found using the search function of this chat app. This is where starred messages feature comes in.

Starring messages simplifies searching for WhatsApp messages

With the help of the starred messages feature, it is possible to find important messages from your huge collection of stored chats. This feature was first introduced with WhatsApp 2.12.337 APK, which is currently available via the APKMirror website. However, there is a new update of the app, which is v2.12.338 and on this too you will find this new feature.

Starred messages feature has nothing strange from what you expect on functionality. Simply tap and hold on a message and a new star icon will show up in the app’s toolbar. When you tap on this icon, a small star will appear just below the message and besides the timestamp. To get rid of it, repeat the tapping and holding of the same message and a crossed star icon will show up, which allows you to remove it.

How to access starred WhatsApp messages

As noted earlier, starred messages feature on WhatsApp helps with theeasy finding of important messages from your chat history. So, how do you find the messages after you star them and leave the app?

Well, it is very simple indeed. Starred messages will appear in the overflow menu of the app where you can scroll through them as you see the name of the sender, the date as well as the full content of the message. This is the same thing you will see regardless of the message type in question, be it text, audio, video or photo messages. It is also possible to un-star these messages from this end.

While this represents the early stages of the starred messages feature on WhatsApp for Android, it has been on its iOS counterpart for quite some time now. As of now, this feature is only available on the latest beta versions (v2.12.337 and v2.12.338), which can be grabbed from the APKMirror website or the official website of the app.