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The first generation Motorola Droid Turbo may not have had the same popularity as the Moto G or the Moto X, but it was a wonderful device nonetheless.

Its successor may prove to become a massive success if its specifications alone are taken into account.

Sturdy Build

TheDroid Turbo 2 is marketed as an incredibly solid phone. While it may be destroyed under severe circumstances, this device can easily handle day-to-day issues like a modest drop. The rear of the device looks like the traditional Motorola fare, and it can be accommodated with different skins depending upon the choice of the user. The phone feels extremely sturdy in the hand, and the front is dominated by the full front firing speakers. They are located just below the huge5.4-inch display. While most of its competitors have stuck with the Super AMOLED or IPS panels, Motorola goes for the latest generation P-OLED technology.

Huge Battery

It consumes very littlepower, and it is one of the reasons behind the Droid Turbo 2’s excellent battery life. It also can run on a single charge for much longer partly because of the 3740 mAh battery, which is one of the largest in the smartphone that is on sale today. The disadvantages of having a huge battery that the phone is considerably thicker at 9.2 mm at a time when most of its competitors have gone down the 7 mm category. However, Motorola has managed to keep the weight of the phone down to 170 g, which is an achievement considering the large battery and the overall size of the device.

Wireless Charging

Apart from sporting fast charging feature, Droid Turbo 2 also comes with wireless charging that is Qi-enabled. Since the phone runs on the same wireless charging technology used by other popular devices like the Galaxy Note 5, it is not hard to find a wireless charging port.

A rear 21-megapixel camera is supported by a front facing thefive-megapixel camera. Both these are excellent regarding image quality while the rear camera is also capable of recording 4K videos. However, it can shoot videos only at 30 frames per second whether it is at 1080p or 4K resolution. The basic Droid Turbo 2 with 32 GB of internal storage will cost $620 while the version with 64 GB will cost $720.