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A new version of the Google Play Store has been released and it can now be installed on your Android device, the new Google Play Store version 5.12.9 comes with bug fixes and many changes that you will notice as soon as you install it on your device.

The new Google Play Store version 5.12.9 comes with Details Page, Material Design a new look for the “What’s New” feature, Enterprise apps support, Uninstall manager, fingerprint readers support, Wearable activity/sensors data and more.

When compared to the initial release of Android Lollipop, the new Google Play Store 5.12.9 comes with more elements of Material Design. Applications such as Gmail, Google+ or Google Play Newsstand are now updated with the new Material Design elements, at the same time you will notice that the Play Store’s application icon has a flatter look.

When accessing the slide-out drawer menu, you will also notice some changes related to the animations and iconography, the “What’s New” section has been moved to the top side and is now highlighted in green, allowing you to spot it easier, while in each application listing.

You will also notice that the widget suggestion icons for the home screen have changed and now they have a flat, paper-like design, the search company has also changed the notification icon for the status bar.

The Google Play Store 5.12.9 OTA update should start rolling out to the users in a few days, but it’s not sure yet and it may take longer, however, if you don’t want to wait for the OTA update, you can download the Google Play Store 5.12.9 APK file from the internet and manually install it on your Android device.

We remind you that this Google Play Store version is also ready for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Have you installed the Google Play Store 5.12.9 on your Android device? Tell us your thoughts about the latest Google Play Store version!